Patient Testimonials

What did you like best about your experience with Revive? 

“My neck has very improved movement compared to last year’s treatment. Jen adapted my exercises to my progression of neck movement. All the staff are pleasant and encouraging at every visit as I progressed to mobility of my neck.”  Susan  6/19/2015

“Lots of personal attention. The best thing about Revive is that they are small so you get to know everyone.” Mike 6/16/2015

“Made me aware of what the problem is and how the treatment would help. Good place.” Kavita

“Jen is knowledgeable, friendly, and listens/tailors treatment to symptoms. It’s the best place I’ve been for PT!” Courtney  6/03/2015

“Jen really listened to what my previous PT issues were and worked hard to create and update challenging treatment.” Sue 5/28/2015

“Knowledge of the therapist that not all PTs would have. Friendly and expert.” Linda  5/26/15

“Relaxing-very good. It’s great.” Haydee 5/15/15

“Jen was great.- sensitive  to areas that were painful; gave helpful explanations; was always friendly. Great service- caring and responsive.” Karen 5/13/15

“Nice people her and it helped feel better.” Lauren  4/30/2015

“Comfortable environment and friendly staff. Strongly recommend.” Cecilia  4/27/2015

“Hands on and good explaining. Friendly, great and that you listen.” Deborah ) 4/23/2015

“Starting to feel better, the encouragement of the staff. Go for it- you will be pleased with your care and road to recovery.” Joanne  4/23/2015

“The hands on touch and explanations of what was going on. Go and try it!” Martha  4/21/2015

“ The relief of pain, the sense that I can improve it with exercise. Do it!” Anonymous 4/06/2015

“Friendliness of staff, arrangement of facility of its size . An exceptional practice with caring, friendly staff.” Marcia 3/20/2015

“Professional and very effective treatment, by the physical therapist and the entire staff. I highly recommend it!!” 3/19/2015

“Wonderful staff, clean, convenient, will visit again if I need to. Definitely Recommended!” – 2/26/13 Elizabeth

“Personable, very tentative to your concerns & issues, Loved the on hands exercise to make sure you did them properly.It is not your usual physical therapy.” – Sharon 2/25/13

“Jen was very knowledgeable about my condition. She was very gentle and kind. Her treatment helped me immensely. Highly recommend!! Therapists and staff were very personable and professional!! Julia  2/24/2015

“People were very nice and willing to work with me. It’s a great place!” Savanna  2/24/2015

“The staff are amazing, helpful, knowledgeable, etc.  I recommend it”.- Joe – 2/22/13

I was able to learn about exercising to make my back feel better. Very friendly and promptly, the therapist does care”. –  2/21/13  Tearra

 “ The girls were VERY patient. GO! It will really help you”!- 2/13/13 Darlene 

 “The overall improvement of my back pain/stiffness, I would highly recommend doing treatment here. The exercises were very helpful and Jen and Amanda were great”!- 2/13/13 Bobby 

 “Consistent care and thoroughness of treatment.  Recommended home exercises. Great people to work with! Professional, courteous and caring. Would come back anytime I needed to. – 2/1/13 Daniel 

“The therapist’s competence in treating my problem. The therapist and the assistants were competent and professional”-1/30/13-  Barbara 

“Relief I felt from tightness and on- going exercises that helped me improve, “Go for a consultation and discuss your symptoms – Competent knowledgeable staff”! -1/22/13 Margaret 

“The hands on treatment and friendly, knowledgeable staff”.   “Absolutely the best! I’ve seen other therapists for back issues and Revive had by far been the best”.- 01/16/13 – Courtney

“The treatments were excellent. Go for it”. -01/07/13 –  Genevieve

“ Felt better. Well worth the time, Good people to work with”- 01/03/13- Alan

“Treatments had positive results, the exercises are specific and Jen provided educational information about my condition. Good choice, would recommend this therapist and facility for anyone seeking physical therapy  ” -01/02/13- Rhinehart 

“The treatments were very helpful. The staff was professional and caring, and the waiting area was comfortable”. “I would highly recommend this facility”. – 12/20/12- Patrice 

” One could actually feel improvements and each exercise was explained well; as well as what the exercise would strengthen”. –  12/20/12 – Sarah  

“Treatment, Location, Appointments. I’d recommend this therapist and facility -12/14/12  Ravi

 “Adjustment in therapy to meet changing signs and symptoms, accurate assessments, listen to client’s statements  regarding level of pain as well as areas of improvement; also the individualized home exercise routine. I’ve already recommended Jen to several peers”- 11/28/12 Betsy 

“They would not be disappointed.” -11/20/12 -Gary 

 “Therapist seemed very knowledgeable. You should try them”  – 11/19/12- Kim 

 “Understanding of my condition; no one else was able to help me with my pain.  Highly recommend this facility and staff. ” –   10/17/12- Linda 

 “Focused advice about stretching/strengthening, manual therapy is something I can’t do myself. It’s a great place ” –    09/28/12-  Anne                                        

 “Highly recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy. The friendliness of the staff, having individual attention and their expertise.” – Helen- 09/13/12 

Friendly and experienced staff, effective treatment. Great place to come for physical therapy.” – Kathryn 8/31/2012

“Less back pain. Highly recommend!!” – Robert 8/31/2012

Do it, they make a real difference.” – Deborah 7/17/2012

Extremely friendly; made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  They will reason with you and teach you how to better your problem/pain.” – Nivia 7/3/2012

I felt better after each session. My exercise treatment made me feel better.” – John 6/4/2012

The education Renuka provided on how to care for my symptoms in the present and the future and the success of treatment. I highly recommend Revive. (and I already have)” – Erica 5/30/2012

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